Posted by: Alan Pierce & Bernard Nomberg on Dec 18, 2019

Bernard D. Nomberg
Bernard D. Nomberg

Bernard D. Nomberg is a partner at The Nomberg Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama, and has practiced civil litigation...

Alan Pierce

Alan S. Pierce has served as chairperson of the American Bar Association Worker’s Compensation Section and the Massachusetts Bar...


Workers who have suffered an injury on the job are stressed and dealing with uncertainty about how to navigate their workers’ compensation system. Many injured workers handle their claims without a lawyer, but even if a case seems simple, consulting an experienced attorney can help ensure a better outcome. Workers’ Comp Matters host Alan Pierce talks with fellow workers’ compensation attorney Bernard Nomberg about why injured workers should seek counsel earlier rather than later to determine the needs of their case.

Bernard D. Nomberg is a partner at The Nomberg Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama.

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