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Samsung Vows to Pay Millions of Dollars in Workers’ Compensation Claims by 2028


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Samsung Electronics is set to pay workers’ compensation to a number of employees whose health has been compromised while working in their factory. 

Hundreds of Samsung Electronics factory workers in South Korea have developed serious illnesses and several have died as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals during the production of memory chips and liquid crystal displays.

Kinam Kim, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics Device Solutions Division, issued an apology and a promise to compensate each employee affected by this. In his apology, he admitted that Samsung Electronics failed to properly manage health risks at their factories. 

Affected employees

Activist group SHARPS, which stands for Supporters for the Health and Rights of People in the Semiconductor industry, has been a critic of the semiconductor industry and how it exposes workers to harmful chemicals.

The group says that at least a couple hundred workers have become sick after working with Samsung and that around 70 of them have died.

Many of the illnesses experienced by the afflicted workers include forms of cancer and leukemia, as well as miscarriages and children born with congenital diseases.

Promise of workers’ compensation

All past and current employees and contractors, since 1984, who worked for more than a year at Samsung’s semiconductor and display production plants are eligible for compensation.

Samsung has agreed to pay up to 150 million Korean won to each affected employee or past employee, which is the equivalent of $132,649.45 USD. 

The total paid out by Samsung Electronics is sure to be in the millions, and they vow to have all compensation paid out by 2028. 

If you or someone you know has sustained a work-related injury or illness, hiring a work injury attorney will help you navigate the workers’ compensation process and make sure that you get the compensation you need.



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