Posted by: Alan Pierce & Roger Finderson on Dec 4, 2019

Roger Finderson
Roger Finderson

Roger Finderson is managing attorney at Finderson Law LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has practiced law in the...

Alan Pierce

Alan S. Pierce has served as chairperson of the American Bar Association Worker’s Compensation Section and the Massachusetts Bar...


As we continue to shift further into gig economy employment, defining employee-employer relationships is increasingly challenging in the area of workers’ compensation. Workers’ Comp Matters host Alan Pierce talks with Roger Finderson about what the term “gig economy” really means and how to draw the distinction between employees and independent contractors. They explain the use of factors tests, the need for adaptations in workers’ comp law, and how the advent of “Handy” legislation is creating problems for injured workers.

Roger Finderson is managing attorney at Finderson Law LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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