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Behavioral Medicine Associates - Behavioral Healthcare for Injured Workers Please call us at (516) 466-7077 to schedule an appointment.  Visit our website at http://www.behavemed.com


Affinity Partners
WILG Affinity Partnership Program has been created with 3 goals in mind

1. To provide our members with high-quality products and services that will assist them in their practice.
2. To help companies that believe in our mission to reach out to our membership and ensure they have a meaningful experience with WILG and its members.
3. To encourage companies that have high-quality products and services and that want access to our membership to support our organization.


If you are interested in becoming an Advocates of WILG member, please contact Kaleigh Hickey at Kaleigh@wilg.org

Platinum Level

Summit Pharmacy
Summit Pharmacy

Summit Pharmacy offers unparalleled client service including the facilitation of prescription medication and expedited home medication delivery for patients as well as coordinating the management of the claims process for patients, attorneys, and doctors.   For Attorneys, the knowledgeable staff at Summit Pharmacy can help facilitate client questions about medications and claims in addition to providing pertinent documentation to help support the personal injury or worker’s compensation case.  Call 877-678-5400 or visit www.summitrx.com for more information.

Download Summit's Workers' Comp Enrollment Form here

Download Summit's Auto Accident Enrollment Form here


Gold Level





Ametros is changing the way individuals navigate healthcare by providing them with the tools and support necessary to make savvy decisions on how to spend their funds. Ametros' team works closely with patients, insurers, employers, attorneys, medical providers and Medicare for our clients. Our depth of expertise in the Medicare Set Aside, property and casualty insurance, healthcare, legal, financial and software industries positions us to offer the best solutions in the marketplace for MSA Administration. Our flagship product, CareGuard, is revolutionizing the way funds from injured individuals’ settlements are administered after settlement, for Medicare Set Aside accounts and any other medical allocation. Ametros continues to innovate, bringing new solutions to the market all with the goal of simplifying healthcare for our clients. Ametros is backed by Clarion Capital Partners, LLC, aNewYork based private equity firm. For more information about CareGuard Click here or call 877-905-7322.


Med Max

Med Max
Med Max is a nationwide provider of Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Asides, MSA Reviews and MSA Opinion Letters for settlement. We provide expert support law firms need to protect themselves from unnecessary risks when determining future medical care costs and how to best protect their plaintiff and themselves. Our team of attorneys and certified nurse’s possess a wealth of knowledge and are ready to support all WILG members.
Call Todd Franklin at 248-213-8700/Email: Todd@MedMaxUSA.com.


Phoenix Toxicology

Phoenix Toxicology & Lab Services 
Why Phoenix Toxicology & Lab Services?

  • Rapid results
  • Customized tests/panels built around your needs
  • Responsive customer support
  • As little as 1 ml of urine required to test
  • State-of-the-Art LCMS equipment
  • Summary report for interpretation at a glance
  • Oral fluid drug confirmation available

Call 855.843.6170 for additional information




Quintessa Marketing is the leading one stop shop solution for legal advertising. Pioneering a new form of workers compensation and personal injury lead generation that gives attorneys an unrivaled ROI set apart from any other marketing platform. Quintessa helps the client find you and keep them engaged from start to finish. Client communication and retention is the most important key to your success, so we collaborate with your firm to give you the edge over your competitors. Visit www.quintessamarketing.com for more information.



Ringler Associates
Ringler is the oldest and largest settlement planning company in the industry. With more than 112 advisors in 67 offices nationwide, the advisors at Ringler are valuable resources for your  settlement team. Since its inception in 1975, Ringler has helped settle over 228,000 cases by writing structured settlement annuities with total premiums in excess of $33 billion. Ringler provides access to a wide variety of settlement options that are designed to protect the future of injured parties.  Visit their website: www.ringlerassociates.com, or contact Melissa Price 248-430-0365 (office) 313-300-1045 (cell) mprice@ringlerassociates.com


SBA Loan Group
SBA Loan Group
With the SBA Loan Group WILG members can apply for a low- interest Small Business Administration loan. SBA loans for working capital are typically for 10 years with an annual interest rate is approximately 6.75% or less and can be used for things like hiring staff, remolding your office, and marketing. SBA loans to purchase real estate are for 25 years. SBA-backed loans have interest rates that generally are lower than commercial banks or legal lenders and can be used without restrictions. Call SBA Loan Group's partner, Jarret Prussin, to find out if this opportunity is an option for your practice. Call him now at 516.900.6905. Or, click here to complete this simple form.  Click here for further details




Bronze Level

Big Voodoo

Big Voodoo

Big Voodoo Interactive is a full-service web development and online marketing company that works exclusively for law firms. Even though law is one of the fastest-growing consumer-competitive markets in the country, fewer than 5 percent of law firms actively manage their Web presence. We provide integrated management across a variety of online marketing platforms.Visit http://www.bigvoodoo.com/  for more information or contact Jess Reilly at jess@bigvoodoo.com/ 413-420-4045


Commonwealth Community Trust

Commonwealth Community Trust

You’ve won the award for your client, now what?  Commonwealth Community Trust (CCT) is a nonprofit organization operating nationwide and providing a cost-effective framework for the administration of pooled First Party Special Needs Trusts and post-settlement MSA accounts. These services supplement and protect government entitlement programs such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid while also administering your clients MSA.  A pooled special needs trust will provide your clients with greater investment opportunities and are available through CCT with no minimum or maximum funding requirement.  Founded in 1990, our trustworthy and experienced staff is available to serve your clients with affordable, comprehensive services and low administrative fees. For more information about CCT, contact Joanne Marcus, MSW, Executive Director at jmarcus@trustcct.org or 804-740-6930. Visit our easy to navigate website at www.trustCCT.org to access information about First Party Pooled SNTMSA’s, and our Master Trust Agreement.

Litify is the best-in-class technology solution that will transform your law firm into a more successful practice. Built on top of Salesforce.com—the world’s most secure and flexible platform—Litify automates marketing, client management, intake, matters, documents, referrals, reporting, and finance, all in a single, secure, easy-to-use application. By leveraging the power of technology to simplify daily tasks, Litify gives law firms the tools they need to become high-performing businesses. Visit www.litify.com for more information or contact Dov Slansky at dov@litify.com/212-738-6251


Med-Legal, Inc.

Medlegal is California’s premier provider of medical records and law office solutions.  Through 28 years of responding to and anticipating our client’s 
needs we have become the industry leader in law office technology.  Our latest advancement, Zing, is an online evidence manager that allows our clients to search, index, review, filter and email thousands of pages of records and reports in just a few clicks, from any device that connects to the internet.  Save time, save money, become efficient by using MedLegal! Call 626-890-7693 or visit www.getrecords.com.

Med Lien Solutions\

Med Lien Solutions

At Med Lien Solutions (MLS), Better Matters.  MLS is a proven leader of healthcare lien resolution and settlement services. With great excitement, our attorneys and lien resolution managers are ready to assume the task of supporting every WILG member. By utilizing our resolution services you will uncover opportunities long buried in all of your complex subrogation issues.  We look forward to answering your questions and handling Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, ERISA, Tricare and VA liens in both single event and mass tort cases for you.  Our broad Settlement Services include Medicare Set Aside opinion writing as well as “plaintiff friendly” full preparation of MSAs including submission to CMS.  We look forward to working with the members of WILG and delivering outstanding results to you, your firm and your clients. Call Ryan Weiner at 248-213-8705 / Email: Ryan@MyMedLien.com or visit www.MyMedLien.com


Needles Case Management

In light of the state of the economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut corners and operate more efficiently. If ever there was a time to implement case management, it is NOW. Needles Case Management Software allows to you operate more efficiently, handle more cases, and streamline your practice... all without adding additional staff members. During times of uncertainty, it is those firms who recognize opportunities that not only survive, but thrive. Now is the perfect time to take charge and increase your caseload without increasing staff or overhead! To order a demo, click www.needles.com or call Needles at 410-363-1976.  Consider what thousands of attorneys in nearly 2,000 law offices nationwide have discovered... Needles works! 


Tabush Group
Innovative business leaders trust Tabush Group to meet their virtual workspace, private 
cloud, and managed IT services needs. Our all-in-one cloud solution, BoxtopTM , includes virtual desktops, cloud infrastructure, storage, backups, security, and unlimited support, enabling small and midsize businesses to shift their focus from IT infrastructure to growing their business. For more information contact Darraugh Fitzpatrick dfitzpatrick@tabush.com /646-873-8126 or visit www.tabush.com


The TASA Group
The TASA Group

Since 1956, The TASA Group has helped thousands of attorneys identify a variety of quality expert witnesses for their cases, in virtually every category – no charge until an expert is designated. TASA continues to lead the industry through innovative services; free, expert-led CLE webinars, Challenge History Reports, and much more. See more at www.tasanet.com/  or call 800-523-2319



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