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Amicus Briefs

Bentley Amicus Brief

Walden v Fiore Amicus Brief

Bend v Shamrock Amicus Brief

Bollinger Shipyards, Inc. v Director, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs Amicus Brief

Missouri Alliance of Retired Americans et al v Department of Labor, Industrial Commission, Division of Workers' Compensation Amicus Brief

J. McIntyre Machinery, LTD. v Robert Nicastro, et. ux. Amicus Brief

J. McIntyre Machinery LTD V. Robert Nicastro Oral Argument Transcript

Debra Harris v Diversified Consultant and The Hartford Amicus Brief

Staff Management and New Hampshire Insurance Co v Jimenez

Auqui v Seven Thirty One Ltd Partnership

Final Castellanos Brief

WILG-Padgett v. State of Florida Attorney General's Office

Pysarenko v. Carnival Cruise Lines

Hendrix v. Alcoa Appellant's Brief Opening and Addendum

Hendrix v Alcoa Amicus Brief

Hendrix v Alcoa Final Amicus Brief

Hendrix v Alcoa Motion to File Amicus

Stahl V. Hialeah Hospital Amicus Brief

Stahl V. Hialeah Hospital Final Amicus Brief

Vazquez V. Dillard's Amicus Brief

Brown et al V Perez Order re: Motion for Summary Judgment

Brown et al V Perez Motion for Summary Judgment and Supporting Brief

Brown et al V Perez Plaintiff's Reply to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment

Brown et al V Perez Reply to Response to Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment

Dept. of Labor and Industries of the State of Washington, Respondent, v. Lyons Enterprises, Inc.

Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation, v. Bonnie Jones and American Home Assurance Brief

Wiles v. City of Greenville Amicus Brief

Wilkes v. City of Greenville Amicus Bried 6.9.17

WILG- Mark D. Powers v. Warwick Public Schools


If you would like to make a request for Amicus from WILG, please fill out the attached form and submit to Jennifer Comer at Jennifer@wilg.org