Looking to see how your hearings are being held or if they are at all? This list will help you find your answer. Please click on your state for the most up-to-date information:

Alabama - Telephonic Meetings

Alaska - Open for some in Person Business; options for telephonic participation in most cases
Updated Bulletin as of 3.20.2020
Read notice of Enforcement Suspensions: Bulletin No. 20-04, Notice of Enforcement Suspensions from March 31 through May 11, 2020
The Alaska Workers' Compensation Board will conduct a full board meeting, May 7-8, 2020. For additional information, see the Online Public Meeting Notice.

Arizona - Remote appearances only (Phone and Video); All in-Person Visits to ICA Buildings are Temporarily Suspended
Updated as of 4.2.2020
E-mail Notification Communication Now Available for Attorneys in ICA Community - See Announcement dated 4.6.2020

Arkansas - All prehearing conferences, joint petitions, and full hearings are now postponed through May 29, 2020.

California - DWC will continue to hear expedited hearings for parties that appear at the district offices; continue to hear status conferences and mandatory settlement conferences via CourtCall; all other hearings to be continued; All filing deadlines extended to May 13
Updated DWC Newsline as of 4.3.2020

Office Closure Information

All Division of Workers’ Compensation district offices are open, with the following exceptions:

  • Eureka office closed until further notice
  • Pomona office is closed effective Monday, May 11
  • Los Angeles office is closed effective Tuesday, May 19

New image  Judges' Conference Lines

Alternative filing during COVID-19

  • In light of the continued state of emergency in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and to facilitate other methods of filing in line with the newslines issued on April 3 and April 28, and pursuant to the WCAB’s en banc order issued on April 6, documents subject to a statutory time limit may be sent by e-mail directly to the district offices pursuant to AD Rule 10205.7(c) where the filing party could not otherwise e-file, JET file or file the document by mail. Refer to the district office page for e-mail and other contact information.

Interrupted Services

  • Refer to the April 28 newsline for detailed information regarding services starting May 4.
  • Disability Evaluation Unit continues to accept consultative and summary rating requests by mail or efiling. Commutation calculation requests can be requested by mail.
  • Open for essential services only:
    • DWC Medical Unit
    • Return-to-Work Supplement Program
    • Uninsured Employers Benefit Trust Fund
    • Legal Unit
    • Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund

Updated May 19

Colorado - The Prehearing and Settlement Conference Unit will no longer be conducting conferences in person until further notice. Parties shall be prepared to participate in conferences via telephone. Video conferencing may be available upon request at the discretion of the judge.

Connecticut - In order to comply with the social distancing measures made necessary to combat the spread of COVID-19 and the existing measures taken by the Workers' Compensation Commission to dramatically reduce the need for in person hearings, the Compensation Review Board is now offering alternatives for the scheduled May 22, 2020 CRB docket.

Delaware - Telephonic Meetings. Beginning Monday, April 13, 2020, and subject to further order of the Board, there will be an availability to hold video hearings on disputed matters. See updated orders for more information
Updated Executive Order as of 3.31.2020

District of Columbia - Remains operational, with staff on-hand to process workers’ compensation claims and respond to inquiries. 

Florida - Telephonic Meetings

Georgia - Postponed all hearings and in-person mediations. Mediations telephonically; The Board extended postponements of hearings from the previous date of April 13th to June 12th and declared that timely payments of weekly benefits must continue; Chief Justice grants relief from deadlines. See notice for more information.
Updated Order as of 5.11.2020

Hawaii - Closed until further notice; Labor and Industrial Relations Board now permits the following methods for filing: First class mail, facsimile or email. See notice for details.
Updated Notice 3.25.2020

Idaho - All in person hearings currently scheduled shall be postponed and rescheduled for a later date unless it can be held remotely through May 29, 2020
Updated Order as of 4.10.2020
Second Amended Order as of 5.18.20

Illinois - Oral arguments telephonically
Updated Memorandum as of 4.27.2020

Indiana -  The Worker’s Compensation Board’s offices will remain closed to the public through 5/1/2020.  Walk-ins will be unable to get into the building and should call (317-232-3808) or email instead at www.in.gov/wcb.  All in person hearings are suspended and will be handled telephonically or through written submissions during this time. (as of 4.14.2020)

Iowa - Utilize video based CourtCall; As of 3/23/2020, no access beyond lobby of DWC Offices; Updates to Service of Original Notice, Electronic Signatures, Notary and Authorization to File by EMail
Updated Order on Services 4.3.2020

Kansas - Telephonic Meetings

Kentucky - Telephonic/Videoconference Meetings. All in person hearings are cancelled until further notice. See Memorandum here.
Updated Memorandum as of 5.6.2020

Louisiana - Settlements and Attorney Fee Petitions 4.30.2020- Amended Order
All in person court appearances and in person mediation conferences shall be continued between Monday, March 16, 2020 and May 15, 2020. No court appearances are allowed to be conducted by phone, except the approval of unrepresented/pro-se settlements which will be perfected in accordance with the Order regarding Settlement Petitions and Attorney Fee Petitions. Mediation conferences may be conducted by phone. Status phone conferences may be conducted by phone. Please e-mail the mediator directly at their office e-mail address. All in person court appearances and in person mediation conferences will be rescheduled on an expedited basis after the expiration of the Stay at Home Order.
The Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration, including the workers’ compensation courts will be closed to the public through Friday, May 15, 2020.
Staff, however, will be working remotely. We will continue to monitor e-mails and to handle mission critical tasks.

Maine - CourtCall. If all parties believe an in-person hearing is necessary, parties must contact the Administrative Law Judge assigned to the case, Mediations to be conducted by phone.

Maryland - April 23, 2020 - Effective immediately, parties may begin the process of requesting, by agreement of the parties, a Video Remote Hearing (VRH). The VRH Instructions document and more information are posted to April 2020 Notices (link).
April 21,2020 - Administrative Order regarding hearings. Read the Administrative Order
Administrative Order 2020-02 regarding extension of deadlines.
May 12, 2020 - The Commission announces that we may be resuming in-person hearings effective June 8, 2020. The hearings will be staggered in order to accommodate physical distancing. Read the full announcement

Massachusetts - Telephonic Meetings. All in-person proceedings and meetings are suspended through May 18, 2020. 
Updated 4.1.2020
4.16.2020 - Status Conferences during the Health Crisis
May 11, 2020 - Administrative Bulletin #4 - Online Filing

Michigan - Effective April 1, 2020 at 5:00 p.m., the Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency and the Workers’ Compensation Board of Magistrates is suspending in-person hearings through June 8, 2020. The local agency where the case is pending should be contacted for all scheduling of redemptions, motions, and facilitations to be held telephonically.
Executive Order

Minnesota - As of Monday, March 23, 2020, the Department of Labor and Industry will conduct administrative conferences and mediations remotely by telephone or video conference. Parties also have the option of rescheduling events to a later date. Contact us at dli.workcomp@state.mn.us or 651-284-5032, or contact your assigned mediator, for more information.

Mississippi - See updated bulletin for information on building closure, settlement procedure, notarization of claimant's signature, waiver of sworn statements, telemedicine and IME/EME Telemedicine
Updated bulletin as of 4.8.2020

Missouri - All Conferences, Pre-Hearings and Show Cause Dismissal Settings will be cancelled from April 20, 2020 through May 29, 2020; Please contact local office to schedule a teleconference with an Administrative Law Judge if the parties need assistance.
Updated Notice as of 4.2.2020

Montana - all courts closed to the public.
Updated Notice as of 3.23.2020

Nebraska  - As of 4.6.2020 it is ordered that no court shall close unless or until the Chief Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court has issued an order declaring a nonjudicial day. No one with outlined exposure or symptoms of COVID-19 shall be permitted entry or attendance in proceedings. See updated order.
Updated 4.6.2020
Updated 4.30.20

Nevada - Any specific time limit set by state statute or regulation for the commencement of any legal action is hereby tolled from the date of this Directive until 30 days from the date the state of emergency declared on March 12, 2020 is terminated.
Updated Declaration of Emergency Directive as of 4.1.2020

  • Updated Directive 4.2.2020 - For workers' compensation claims, the time limits set forth by statute or regulation for appeals in the Department of Administration, Hearings Division will be extended from April l, 2020 until 30 days from the date the state of emergency is terminated. Please note this Directive does not, pursuant to NRS 414.110 (1), extend, delay or toll the delivery of services or payment of benefits to injured workers who are otherwise be entitled under NRS Chapters 616A-616D and NRS Chapter 617. 

New Hampshire - Telephonic or Video Meetings or continued 
Updated Executive Order as of 5.15.2020

New Jersey - 5/21/2020 – Notice to the Bar from Director/Chief Judge Wojtenko re: COVID-19 Workers’ Comp. Courts Closed to Public until June 8, 2020
There will be no in-person Workers’ Compensation Court proceedings (except for extremely limited emergent matters and certain ongoing motions for medical and temporary benefits and trials, in which case social distancing will be enforced) until April 27, 2020
Updated Notice as of 5.7.2020

New Mexico - The New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration (WCA), in keeping with directives issued by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to further reduce community spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), will continue to operate telephonically for mediations and hearings, and for much of the agency's daily operations through Friday, May 15, 2020.

New York - New - Summary of NYS WCB Response to COVID-19
The state Board will hold all hearings remotely; extend the deadline for filing medical evidence; and will allow for a “reasonable excuse” related to COVID-19 for not attending independent medical examination appointments.

North Carolina - Hearings held by conference call and mediations remotely; please click here for detailed information

North Dakota - Updated Executive Order as of 3.27.2020 

  • As of April 17, 2020- WSI is temporarily extending the filing timeframe from 30 days to 60 days for appealing a previously reduced or denied medical bill. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many providers have transitioned to working from home, which WSI recognizes may cause a delay in submitting a Medical Bill Appeal (M6) form.

Ohio - The Ohio Industrial Commission met on Wednesday April 15, 2020, and voted to add the issue of permanent partial disability to the issues that can currently be heard via telephonic hearing at the Ohio Industrial Commission. The issues that can now proceed to telephonic hearing include the initial allowance of claim, additional allowance, temporary total, termination of temporary total, wage loss, permanent total, and permanent partial.

  • Beginning on Monday, April 27, 2020, the IC will change the way it conducts telephonic hearings in an effort to increase efficiency. In addition to the names of parties, claim number, date and time of hearing, and general information telephone number, the notices of hearing will state that the hearings will be conducted by telephone, and will provide a number and access code for parties and representatives to call in order to participate. Telephonic hearings that take place prior to April 27, 2020 will be conducted in the same manner that has been used during the last couple of weeks.

Updated Bulletin as of 3.30.2020

Oklahoma - The Oklahoma City offices of the Workers’ Compensation Commission will reopen Monday, March 30 in a limited capacity. All dockets, including those of the Administrative Law Judges and all Commission appeals, will be stricken until April 30, 2020. The Tulsa offices will remain closed to the public. While the building is open, in the interest of public health and safety, limited services will be provided by the Commission until further notice. Additionally, no mediations should be conducted on premises. The hearing rooms and attorney conference rooms will be locked. Parties may contact the assigned judge or Chief ALJ by telephone or email only; Extension of deadlines and Statute of Limitation.
Update as of 4.16.2020

Oregon - The division is maintaining all current services and expects minimal disruptions.
Updated Claims Processing Industry Notice as of 3.25.20
Updated Industry Notice as of 3.17.2020

Pennsylvania - Telephonic Meetings with Skype; Mediations with Zoom; 

 Appeals scheduled for argument before the Appeal Board shall be decided "on-briefs- only" unless a party files a specific request that its appeal be re-listed for oral argument at a future date. Update as of 3.30.2020

Rhode Island - Telephonic Meetings; all trials should be continued to a date after April 17, 2020
Administrative Order as of 3.17.2020

South Carolina - The Workers’ Compensation Commission suspended all in-person hearings until June 1; Responses to pleadings must be emailed to judicial analysts@wcc.sc.gov. Form 70 Mediator Report must be emailed to mediation@wcc.sc.gov.
Procedural Clarifications Advisory Notice as of 4.3.2020
View the Latest Advisory Notice 5.18.20

South Dakota - Telephonic Meetings

Tennessee - Telephonic Settlements
Updated as of 3.16.2020

Texas - Telephonic Conferences and Hearings; Updated information about filing fees, payments, signatures and sworn statements, notarization, new claim codes click here.
Updated as of 3.27.2020

Utah - Telephonic Meetings

Vermont - Informal Conferences continue telephonically; Formal Hearings - please communicate with WC Administration Law Judges for any changes in the handling of formal hearings, pre-trials, etc.
Updated Memorandum as of 3.18.2020

Virginia - VWC Headquarters will open it's headquarters on April 21, 2020. Special Order to Conduct Evidentiary Hearings via Video Conference
VWC Converts all hearings scheduled May 1 - June 10 to Video Hearings - Download Notice
Updated Press Release as of 4.6.2020
Tips for Telephone Mediations 3.31.2020
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission has issued the attached Order to return to in-person hearings on or after June 11, 2020.

Washington - The Board of Industrial Appeals will hold CourtCall hearings through July 3.

West Virginia - OIC will not hold any administrative hearings that are nonessential or contrary to directives to limit gatherings or practice social distancing or isolation. At this time, it is not possible for the OIC to conduct telephonic hearings due to the need to have a court reporter present to record the hearings. See Bulletin 3.26.2020

Inasmuch as an insurance emergency and the Governor’s declared State of Emergency continue to exist in the State of West Virginia, it is hereby ORDERED that normal time standards for claims handling applicable to workers’ compensation insurers and other regulated entities as set forth in Title 85, Series 1, Section 10, of the West Virginia Code of State Rules are suspended in the State of West Virginia until further notice, provided that workers’ compensation insurers and other regulated entities shall continue to adjust workers’ compensation claims as expeditiously as possible during the insurance emergency and shall utilize all possible methods of adjusting claims remotely, such as telephone, email, facsimile, and mobile applications, all the while striving to meet normal time standards for the adjustment and resolution of claims whenever possible. 
Updated as of 3.23.2020
Executive Order 39-20, May 19, 2020- May 21st opening information

Wisconsin - As of the week of March 23, 2020, will stop conducting in-person hearings, prehearings, and mediations until further notice. Hearings will be converted to settlement telephonic conferences.
Updated Notice as of 3.13.2020

Wyoming - Telephonic Meetings

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