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Past Presidents
WILG Past Presidents & Chairs
Past Chairs
Lewis L. Heller 2000-2002
Lawrence, NY
N. Michael Rucka 1996-2000
Salinas, CA
Scott Meiklejohn 1995-1999
Denver, CO
Edward W. Stewart 1995-96
Manchester, NH
Past Presidents
Michael K. Gruber, 2016-17
New York, NY
Alan S. Pierce, 2015-16
Salem, MA

Matthew J. Belcher, 2015
Chicago, IL

Michael A. Galpern, 2014-15
Cherry Hill, NJ

Charles R. Davoli, 2013-14
Baton Rouge, LA
Catherine M. Stanton, 2012-13
New York, NY
John R. Boyd, 2011-12
Kansas City, MO
Andrew J. Reinhardt, 2010-11
Richmond, VA
Steven M. Birnbaum, 2009-10
San Rafael, CA
Edgar N. Romano, 2008-09
New York, NY
Robert E. DeRose, II 2007-08
Columbus, OH
Todd J. O’Malley 2006-07
Scranton, PA
Deborah G. Kohl 2005-06
Fall River, MA
Todd D. McFarren 2004-05
Watsonville, CA
John B. Boyd 2003-04
Kansas City, MO
Stephen C. Embry 2002-03
Groton, CT
Leonard T. Jernigan, Jr. 2001-02
Raleigh, NC
Jay C. Causey 1999-2001
Seattle, WA
Scott A. Meiklejohn 1995-1999
Denver, CO