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On February 2, WILG board members from around the country gathered in Miami for the first board meeting of the year.  It was my privilege to lead the meeting.  For those of you who do not know, WILG has two board meetings in conjunction with the American Association of Justice (AAJ) conferences, one during our Cherry Blossom Trip at which we lobby US House and Senate Members in Washington, D.C. in April, and one at our annual convention, which will be held at the Bacara Resort in October.  This is one of the two to be held in conjunction with the AAJ meetings, with the other one to be held in San Diego on July 27th. 

A number of important issues were discussed at the board meeting.  I am pleased to report that WILG met its budget for 2018.  We had an aggressive budget and were able to make it.  This is a testament to the support from WILG members like you, the hard work of our Executive Director Jennifer Comer in diversifying revenue through events, member services, fundraising and obtaining partnerships and the support of those partners as well as cost saving strategies. 

We received a thorough report of federal legislation from our contract lobbyist, Mike Forscey.  The report can be found here.  For those of you who do not know Mike, he is a tremendous asset to WILG as our eyes and ears at the nation's capital. 

A presentation was made in regards to our revised Listerv Policy.  Our list serve is probably our most used membership benefit.  As all of you know, the listserv gets virtually 24/7 use and provides a wealth of information to our members.  We are very appreciative of everyone who takes the time to post comments and answer questions.  It is also the most efficient way for the WILG Leadership to get information to our members.

Unfortunately, the downside of having such an active listserv, is that negativity on the listserv can provide a drain both on other listserv readers and on the executive committee and staff of WILG.  It is hard to convey how many hours are spent dealing with list serve issues.  It can also be a source of liability to the association.

A committee consisting of Executive Director Jennifer Comer, Immediate Past President Amie Peters, Secretary Mack Babcock, and I spent, approximately 10 hours reviewing the listserv policy and making updates because of issues that have arisen in the last few years.  I have attached a copy of the updated list serve policy here

Please remember to put subject lines for all of your posts.  Like many of you, I try to save posts that I believe will be of value to me in the future.  It is very difficult to refer to old posts when there is either no subject line or the subject line has a title that is not germane to the rest of the post.  I would also like everyone to remember that posts that meant for the person who initiated the thread should be sent to directly to the poster and not to the group as a whole.  Like many of you, I am overwhelmed with emails every day and any reduction in the number I receive would be greatly appreciated. 

A big concern is that "messages that discuss any information that might be construed as price-fixing, and illegal restriction of free trade, or any other anti-trust violation" should not be put on the list serve.  It is very important that WILG not be subject to any legal action because of postings and we ask you to be aware of this issue.  If you are unsure about a post please contact Jennifer Comer at so that it can be discussed prior to your posting. 

Generally, I would encourage all of you to be conscientious before posting.  Again, a lot of time is spent in monitoring the listserv.  Our energies are much better served towards protecting injured workers from our opponents as opposed to fighting among ourselves, which is what generally happens with listserv issues.  Thank you for your help in this matter.  If you have any questions regarding the list serve policy, please contact Jennifer or me at

We have recently sent out a survey monkey regarding the locations and times of year of future Northwest and Northeast regional conferences.  The Northwest regional conference will be held from February 21 to February 23 in Whitefish, Montana. We have generally held regional conferences in one location for two years and this will be the third year in Whitefish. It is time to move to another location in the Northwest.  Additionally, the Northeast regional conference was held in New York for the second year in a row this past December.  We are looking to move that conference to another city in the Northeast.  The survey is here and we encourage everyone to respond.  

WILG members will be gathering at the College of Workers' Compensation Lawyers induction ceremony at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables on March 16.   The Annual WILG Dinner on Friday, March 15, at Fleming’s will be a chance to honor the newest WILG Fellows of the College.  This is the night prior to the College Induction on Saturday.  Please RSVP to if you would like to attend.  We currently have 55 people joining us. 

On March 1, WILG and Ametros are partnering to host a WILG Membership Sunset Reception at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ at the conclusion of the WCRI Conference.  It is at 5:30.  Prospective members are welcome.  Please RSVP to

March 22-24 will find WILG Longshore and Southeast Attorneys converging upon New Orleans for their conferences.  We hope that you join us. 

Finally, I spoke at the Michigan Association of Justice Workers' Comp Section annual conference on January 25.  We had a membership dinner on the 24th in Detroit.  Thank you to our sponsors from Massive and Ametros for hosting the dinner.  We will also be having a recruitment Cocktail Party in Phoenix, Arizona on March 1 in conjunction with the WCRI conference.  Please contact Jennifer if you have an interest in attending. 

Please let us know if you think that a membership dinner or cocktail party of this nature would be of value in your state.  The other executive committee members and I are happy to make ourselves available if we can be of assistance to you. 

We look forward to seeing you at some of our upcoming events.  Please feel free to contact Jennifer or me if you have any questions or any ideas as to how WILG can better serve its members. 


Thank you.

tom holder

Gerber & holder
16 Lenox Pointe
atlanta, Georgia 30324

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