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Posted by: Caitlin Shields on Mar 1, 2019

Years of diligently studying law can certainly leave you feeling as though you’re ready to take on any case presented to you. While you may be able to handle it, it’s likely in your best interest to focus on one specific avenue of law. Workers’ compensation cases can be complex. It may not be the best idea for you or your practice to hone in on these cases as a general practitioner of law. Why is it important to be board certified in workers’ compensation if you plan to focus primarily on these cases?

Posted by: Caitlin Shields on Jan 22, 2019

Whether they work for satisfaction or economic necessity, older workers are especially vulnerable to injury. And though the frequency of occupational injuries declines with age, injuries tend to be more severe in older workers and can take longer to heal. 

Posted by: Wendy Dyal on Oct 24, 2018

 Firefighters help people everyday, but what happens when they get hurt on the job? 

Posted by: Wendy Dyal on Oct 19, 2018

Image result for hearing loss creative commons Workplace environments cause hearing loss everyday.  How can it be prevented?  How can it be treated?

Posted by: Wendy Dyal on Oct 10, 2018

738  What are special needs trusts?  What do I need to know in order to choose the best one for my client?

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