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Posted by: Benjamin Gerber & Thomas Holder on Oct 2, 2019

Samsung Electronics is set to pay workers’ compensation to a number of employees whose health has been compromised while working in their factory. 

Hundreds of Samsung Electronics factory workers in South Korea have developed serious illnesses and several have died as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals during the production of memory chips and liquid crystal displays.

Posted by: Benjamin Gerber & Thomas Holder on Sep 25, 2019

How does the saying go? Lift with your…legs. 

Yet improper lifting, which usually involves using your back to lift instead of your legs, is still one of the biggest causes of back injuries in the workplace. 

While the causes and types of back injuries in the workplace are numerous, we’ve found the most common of these injuries to be back strain, back sprain and herniated discs.

Posted by: Marques Torbert on Sep 11, 2019

Below is an image of a true denial letter from CMS. The following document is a Medicare Summary Notice sent to a Medicare beneficiary. On page 2, you can see that a service was not approved, and looking at footnote E, CMS explains:

“Your claim has been denied by Medicare because you may have funds set aside from your settlement to pay for your future medical expenses and prescription drug treatment related to your injury(ies).”

Posted by: Porter Leslie on Sep 4, 2019

Injured individuals across the country are settling claims every day and often they have no idea how much a professional administrator could help maximize the money they receive for their ongoing medical care. 

Posted by: Jon Rehm on Aug 16, 2019

So in spite of the headline “Restoring the Death Penalty and other Reasonable Solutions to Workers’ Compensation Fraud”, I found myself agreeing with Robert Wilson’s post about increasing the criminal penalties for some forms of workers’ compensation fraud.

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