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Posted by: Julie Poirier on Mar 28, 2018

A special documentary series was done about Hawaii’s workers’ compensation system. The document focuses on surveillance use. The State’s largest workers’ comp carrier claims it has an obligation to stop fraud by all parties in workers’ comp cases, including not just workers,  but employers, vendors, and doctors. The insurer uses surveillance in about 2 percent of claims and only when it has cause to suspect fraud, including when they receive  “tips”  to their hotline from a claimant’s co-worker or even a spouse. It’s unknown how often surveillance is used throughout the industry.

Posted by: Brian Mittman on Mar 21, 2018

The world we live in is a beautiful one, full of natural and man-made wonders which captivate millions each year. The harsh reality is, however, that in order to take in these spectacular sights, visitors need the use of their eyes, something that millions take for granted each year and a sense that can be damaged or lost due to an on the job accident or exposure.

Posted by: Leonard Jernigan on Mar 14, 2018

The National Football League (NFL) is concerned about concussions and they should be. I recently attended a program at Duke Law School (https://law.duke.edu/sports/headtrauma/) on Head Trauma in Football that mentioned the concerns parents have about their kids playing football and several of the experts, including Joel Charles Morgenlander, MD, of Duke University School of Medicine and Dale Bass of Duke’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, expressed concern but also emphasized that we should not jump to conclusions.

Posted by: Darragh Fitzpatrick on Mar 7, 2018

Five years ago moving an application or function to the cloud was not always the best option, but when it comes to business technology today, a cloud migration is almost always a foregone conclusion.  Most cloud-available services have made tremendous improvements in features, performance, and security. Connectivity to the cloud (both wired and wireless) is faster, more reliable, and available practically everywhere on the planet (including on airplanes and cruise ships). What’s more, while the cost of cloud options has come down somewhat, non-cloud systems have not changed much in price, often making cloud a better value of the two.

Posted by: Leonard Jernigan on Feb 28, 2018

Non-Employee Fraud Cases – 10   $ 697.4 Million
Employee Fraud Cases – 0   $ 0  
                Total Fraud   $ 697.4 Million

Seven of the top ten cases in 2017 are from California, two from Texas, and one from Tennessee.

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