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WILG is a network of like-minded advocates for workers’ rights, sharing information and knowledge, a sense of commitment and kinship, and networking to help each other and their clients.  WILG is the only national group representing injured workers on both the state and federal level. 


WILG was born out of a small group of like-minded attorneys banding together to share resources and information in order to protect the rights of injured workers across the country.  WILG has grown to be THE premier national organization advocating for workers.   


WILG is growing rapidly and attracting the finest attorneys representing workers from across the country.  WILG is also attracting like-minded organizations and building coalitions around the nation.  Increasingly, WILG is also becoming the standard resource for media outlets across the nation on workers’ compensation issues.  WILG is listening to the needs of its members, workers and the community and it is striving to meet those needs. 


WILG has increased its advocacy for workers and its members in the following ways.  It has a contract lobbyist in Washington, DC, where it not only actively lobbies on issues such as MSA, but also works closely with regulatory bodies such as CMS and the GAO. WILG hired a research director who supports the states in their legislative battles on workers’ compensation issues, develops reports on timely workers’ compensation issues and provides opposition research.  WILG has become the workers’ compensation research/legislative source for the state trial attorney associations around country via the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executive’s Justice Research Center and through that reciprocal relationship has developed an effective “early warning” system which allows it to both gain and disseminate information quickly and identify anti-family/worker legislation as well as track legislative trends and respond. 


It is important to note that WILG has assisted over 30 states this year in their workers’ compensation legislative battles. As the economy has declined, there has been a coordinated attack on workers’ rights.  It is imperative that WILG continues to be able to support the states in their endeavors to beat back these legislative attacks. 


WILG has also filed over eight amicus briefs around the country and in the US Supreme Court.  It has developed a speaker’s bureau and provides presentations on workers’ compensation issues at various organizations’ events approximately ten to twelve times a year.  The above is addition to all of the other programs and services that we provide our members such as; networking opportunities including various email listservs, the annual convention, local social events, important commemorative and workers’ recognition events; CLE (live and online); our bi-annual scholarly publication Workers’ First Watch; practice sections and a website with incredible resources including white papers and a deposition and brief bank. 


As WILG grows and strives to meet the needs of its members, injured workers and like-minded coalition groups, its resource needs are increasing.  WILG has experienced unprecedented growth both in membership and resources, but also in its demands for assistance and expansion of services and programs.  In order to continue to grow and increase its efforts to protect workers and to maintain its network of like-minded advocates for workers’ rights who share information and knowledge, a sense of commitment and kinship, and network to help each other and their clients, WILG needs your help.   


You can help WILG achieve its higher mission and goals by increasing your dues level, contributing to an event, providing a monthly contribution or considering a planned gift.  All gifts and contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.  To discuss these options or any other ways in which you wish to contribute to WILG, please contact Jennifer Comer, 917-280-5237 or Jennifer@wilg.org

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WILG is the only national group representing workers and with your

assistance we will continue to carry out our mission:


WILG is the National Non-profit membership organization dedicated to representing the interests of millions of workers and their families who, each year, suffer the consequences of work-related injures or occupational illnesses and who need expert legal assistance to obtain medical care and other relief under workers’ compensation programs.