The Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group® is the national non-profit membership organization dedicated to representing the interests of millions of workers and their families who, each year, suffer the consequences of work-related injuries or occupational illnesses and who need expert legal assistance to obtain medical care and other relief under workers’ compensation programs. WILG® is a network of like-minded advocates for workers’ rights, sharing information and knowledge, a sense of commitment and kinship, and networking to help each other and our clients.




WILG® provides a complete suite of products to help you efficiently and effectively run your firm.  WILG® offers various health and other insurance products; discounted healthcare services and prescription services customized for members; payroll/HR & benefits solutions; intake and client communication services; case management software; quarterly customizable client newsletters and discounted credit card processing to meet your needs.  Members can choose the from multiple plan options to meet their firm’s needs.  WILG® Association plans are for members only and provide a significant discount. 

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WILG® members receive a generous discount on
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WILG® has entered into several agreements with vendors to provide you with a variety of services pertinent to your profession. These partners are the best in their field and are not only offering WILG® members a valuable service but are going an extra step and supporting WILG®, the organization that supports you! 




WILG® members and coalition groups can request that an amicus curiae be filed in support of their case.


WILG® has many coalition partners on the state and federal level and actively provides support to those groups as well as to state trial lawyer associations and state workers’ compensation associations. There is a widespread effort to reduce or eliminate benefits for injured workers at the state and federal level. WILG® is the central clearing house for information sharing and the key coalition builder in the effort to ensure that workers’ rights are preserved.


WILG® offers specialized workers’ compensation continuing legal education seminars including our annual convention, regional conferences and SeminarWeb. WILG’s seminars will give you the competitive edge in the area of workers’ compensation. The speakers are the best in the field. SeminarWeb offers online CLE in the convenience of your home or office, live or on-demand.


Members have access to an online, plaintiff’s only, deposition bank with almost 600,000 depositions/documents.


Access over 1100 of your colleagues in an instant and put their insights and knowledge to work for you! With the click of the mouse, you can have an extended law firm at your finger tips to help you with a legal question, find an expert, share an experience or find a referral instantly. By sharing information on a nationwide basis, attorneys receive timely information and expert assistance.


Through our professional lobbying firm and with staff and our legislative committee, WILG® initiates, monitors and acts on legislation as it best serves the interests of workers’ compensation attorneys and their clients both on Capitol Hill and in the states. Members are kept up-to-date on legislative and regulatory information on all fronts.


WILG® provides unparalleled opportunities for workers’ compensation attorneys to network and share information through events such as the annual convention, regional conferences, local dinners & events. There are also a multitude of online networking opportunities.  They include social media communities, email listservs and sections. It provides access for referrals as well as experts and the sharing of trends from state to state. The one-on-one communication with your colleagues is critical to your success and the success of the profession.  Our listservs, research depository and brief/document banks are an extension of your firm.  


WILG® hosts several practice sections including: Longshore/DBA (Defense Base Act,) FECA (Federal Employees Compensation Act), Black Lung, Veterans Affairs, Paralegal, Wage & Hour & Employment, Social Security, Women’s Caucus and Occupational Exposure. These sections all meet and may hold their own education programs and have their own email listservs and communities on the website in order to share information and network about their specific practice areas or issues specific to practicing workers’ compensation and serving their clients.


Workers’ First Watch is an invaluable publication for the workers’ compensation attorney.  It provides a wealth of information on a variety of topics related to the practice of workers’ compensation law from the industry leaders. WILG® also produces periodic E-newsletters and legislative updates.  You also receive E-clips, which provides you with abstracts of breaking workers’ comp and trial bar news stories.


WILG® focuses its efforts on issues pertaining to injured workers and work place safety.   WILG® regularly provides background information and on the record quotes to the media.  It has a robust speaker’s bureau and presents on several topics including, “National Trends in Workers’ Compensation” at an average of 20 local, state and federal organizations. 


WILG® has several summit groups and as needed taskforces.  WILG® has a Strategic Summit group that focuses on and evaluates the external environment of the workers’ compensation arena and attempts to forecast the direction of the workers’ compensation industry and determine meaningful ways WILG® can be a part of the process or shape the direction.   Additionally, WILG® has a Constitutional Challenge Summit which tracks and participates in constitutional challenges in the workers’ compensation regarding workers’ compensation.  Several current taskforces include: Opioids, Diversity, Workplace Safety & Opt Out.  


WILG® created a Top Injured Worker Advocate and Top Injured Worker Legal Staff recognition program.  


WILG® ’s website provides a wealth of information for you as a member of WILG®. It provides the basics such as the calendar of events, contact information, leadership, find an attorney, but it also provides you with access to your listservs and communities, the deposition and brief bank, CLE’s, legislative information, research, WILG® ’s social media, and a variety of resources and tools that will be continually updated and added.  It also posts member blogs as well as its own. You customize your profile page to meet your needs!  

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