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Posted by: Caitlin Shields on Jun 14, 2021

In Bruno L. Moraes v. Supreme Auto Transport, No. A-0702-20 (App. Div. June 4, 2021) the Appellate Division held in an unpublished decision that the Claim Petition was inappropriately granted without further consideration of whether Colorado law should apply with a choice of law provision in the contract between the parties.

Posted by: Alan Pierce & Judson Pierce on Jun 3, 2021

As employers look to reconnect with their teams, Judson and Alan Pierce tackle the worker’s comp doctrine of recreational injuries.

Posted by: Caitlin Shields on May 31, 2021

While Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women are often referred to collectively, they are far from a monolithic group. Instead, the AANHPI population includes many groups with varying demographic profiles, histories and experiences in the U.S. Some have resided here for a century, while others have a much more recent immigrant experience. Some came to this country to attain a higher education, while others arrived as refugees with perhaps nothing but the clothes on their backs. Many live and work in California and Hawaii, while others are scattered across the nation.

Posted by: Caitlin Shields on May 27, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of access to mental health benefits. It also has highlighted how important it is for employers to understand and comply with the the law that applies to mental health and substance use disorder benefits.

Posted by: Caitlin Shields on May 24, 2021

Chartwell Law's Leslie M. Whitten, Esq. and Jason Hanford, Esq. present this informative webinar addressing the fundamentals of South Carolina workers' compensation and cover:

• South Carolina Commission jurisdiction;

• Compensability of claims;

• Defenses and bases for denial and contesting of claims;

• Disbursement of benefits;

• The workers’ compensation process; and

• Settlements.

Posted by: Caitlin Shields on May 21, 2021

List of Worker Fact Sheets
Today's post was shared by US Dept. of Labor and comes from www.dol.gov

To assist employees and applicants in understanding their rights under the laws OFCCP enforces, the agency has developed a series of Worker Fact Sheets. In addition to general worker rights and sex discrimination, the series includes topic-specific versions covering disability, protected veteran status, pay transparency, pregnancy, and sexual orientation and gender identity. Each fact sheet is currently available in six languages in addition to English and Spanish. 

Posted by: Alan Pierce on May 17, 2021

Podcast: The filmmaker behind the documentary ‘Radium Girls’ brings to life the inspiring and tragic tale of the teenage dial painters during WWI.

Posted by: Caitlin Shields on May 15, 2021

With widespread closures of schools and childcare centers, COVID-19 kicked away the scaffolding of care working families rely on to balance the demands of work and family. Mothers, in particular, have borne a heavy load.

Posted by: Caitlin Shields on May 13, 2021

Washington has recently adopted legislation (Substitute House Bill 2409 that established Revised Code of Washington 51.14.179) that will impose new licensing and other regulatory requirements on workers compensation Third Party Administrators (“TPAs”) that contract with one or more self-insured employers to handle their claims.  Specifically, effective July 1, 2021, all TPAs administering workers compensation business for self-insured employers must be licensed by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (“Washington DLI”). Per the Washington DLI, such self-insured employers have used TPAs for a long time in Washington, but this is the first time there will be a requirement to obtain a TPA license.

Posted by: Caitlin Shields on May 10, 2021

What do you need to connect with meaningful employment? As we grappled with major changes in the workforce and the pandemic’s many challenges, that’s the question we asked military spouses who were transitioning with their service member from active duty last year.

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