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Posted by: Enrique Flores on Mar 9, 2020

Because I am a native Spanish-speaker and understand the Hispanic culture, I relate well to my immigrant and undocumented clients. Once I develop some rapport with them, usually by the end of the first hour, they tell me about a co-worker who injured his/her back/shoulder/leg some time before their injury but did not report it. Almost always, the person sitting across from me asks me if “suing” the employer will get him/her fired. 

Posted by: Robert Wisniewski on Mar 2, 2020

In March 2019, the Arizona Court of Appeals decided on a critical case in favor of the brave men and women who keep us safe: firefighters, first responders and police officers. The case specifically dealt with a police officer suffering from PTSD who was trying to get workers’ comp benefits. However, firefighters are also struggling to receive compensation for job-related cancers and other illnesses.

Posted by: Michele Lewane on Feb 26, 2020

When it comes to receiving compensation for an injury, there are various similarities between a private personal injury claim and a workplace injury that would be claimed under Virginia workers’ compensation laws. It’s fairly common with personal injury cases to hear about an injured person being awarded a sum for “mental anguish” or “mental suffering”. Sometimes an entire case may be based solely on the development of a mental condition.

Posted by: Benjamin Gerber & Thomas Holder on Feb 21, 2020

Workers’ Comp for Job-Related PTSD by State
In recent years, we’ve made headway in securing benefits for workers’ who suffer from PTSD, but there’s still a long way to go before every state covers it in the workplace.

Posted by: Alan Pierce & Bernard Nomberg on Dec 18, 2019

Bernard Nomberg offers insights for injured workers on when and how to go about seeking legal advice for workers’ comp cases.

Posted by: Bernard Nomberg on Dec 10, 2019

Employers more and more are utilizing every technique possible to avoid paying workers’ compensation claims. It is common to hear stories of employees claiming workers’ compensation benefits being approached by strangers for the sole purpose of uncovering any detail that can destroy the employee’s claim for work comp benefits. These strangers are hired to unearth any point of inconsistency in your story that will lead to your employer weaseling its way out of paying you the benefits you need.

Posted by: Alan Pierce & Roger Finderson on Dec 4, 2019

Workers’ Comp Matters host Alan Pierce talks with Roger Finderson about what the term “gig economy” really means and how to draw the distinction between employees and independent contractors.

Posted by: Alan Pierce on Nov 15, 2019

Andrew Reinhardt and Joanne Marcus discuss the benefits of pooled special needs trusts for injured workers with disabilities.

Posted by: Benjamin Gerber & Thomas Holder on Oct 2, 2019

Samsung Electronics is set to pay workers’ compensation to a number of employees whose health has been compromised while working in their factory. 

Hundreds of Samsung Electronics factory workers in South Korea have developed serious illnesses and several have died as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals during the production of memory chips and liquid crystal displays.

Posted by: Benjamin Gerber & Thomas Holder on Sep 25, 2019

How does the saying go? Lift with your…legs. 

Yet improper lifting, which usually involves using your back to lift instead of your legs, is still one of the biggest causes of back injuries in the workplace. 

While the causes and types of back injuries in the workplace are numerous, we’ve found the most common of these injuries to be back strain, back sprain and herniated discs.

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