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The World Health Organization advised that employers should “honour the right to compensation, rehabilitation and curative services if infected with COVID-19 following exposure in the workplace” and stated that COVID-19 is to be “considered an occupational disease.”



COVID-19 & Workers' Comp: Information to Help You and Your Clients Survive the Pandemic 

Cares Act with the SBA Loan Group

The Future of Workers' Compensation (with WorkCompCentral)

COVID as an Occupational Disease
Presented by Profs. John F. Burton, Jr. & Michael Duff



WILG® Member Survey

My Clients Don't File Taxes. Will They Receive a Stimulus Check?

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Fact Sheet

Information for Employers and Employees by State 
use this link for more information on information regarding unemployment insurance and employer expectations

Updates on Workers' Compensation Boards by State 
use this link for more information on which states are holding telephonic hearings, suspending hearings, etc.

FECA Update

US Office of Administrative Law Judges 
Subject to the assigned ALJ’s discretion, the Order extends the suspension of all in-person hearings through at least July 24, 2020; notifies the public that OALJ will start hearing cases telephonically, by video, or other remote means after May 15, and will restart issuance of decisions beginning on April 16, serving the parties by email

US Dept of Labor 
Employers are legally required to post the attached notice (click here) for your employees by April 1, 2020.  Because many of our staff are working remotely, the Department of Labor are allowing employers to communicate this information to your employees through email or mail.  If you have any questions, please refer to the Department of Labor's Q&A found at  

National Notary Association

Dear Member: 
WILG has been working hard over the last few weeks on issues regarding COVID-19.  WILG is the national workers’ compensation bar and we are here to assist this wonderful group of like-minded attorneys in sharing information and resources.  

What WILG is Doing in the Time of COVID-19:

  • Started planning in February.
  • Rescheduled or cancelled events with no fees or penalties. Collaborated with Loyola, ABA & CWCL to jointly move events and work with hotel properties collectively.
  • We are looking at our options for our event insurance policy.  Specifically, riders to cover communicable disease and wild fires or another policy that does. Currently, it addresses weather related events such as hurricanes, flooding, ice storms, etc. (The original reason we got it was due to hurricane Maria.) It would also cover a situation such as what occurred at Mandalay Bay (active shooter) should that have occurred closer to our convention and we could not have had it or we lost attendees. We were able to add fire, active shooter and civil unrest so far. We are also adding force majeure language to our hotel contracts to cover communicable disease, etc.
  • No ramp up for staff since we have always worked from home.
  • Saved money on travel & events.
  • Created a web page specifically on COVID-19 with all of the resources WILG has researched and gathered on this evolving issue and update it daily. Examples: state by state information regarding hearings & courts for employees and employers (such as if telephonic or virtual hearings,) which states are deeming attorneys as essential, statute of limitation extensions in states, notary requirements, presumption, etc.
  • Weekly bulletins sent to members via email, eclips, social media & on our webpage regarding the developments of COVID-19 as it relates to workers’ comp every Monday ie hearings, notary issues, presumption. Now monthly.
  • Weekly Facebook live video regarding what WILG is doing and what is going on in the work comp world regarding COVID-19 by President Bill Smith. Now monthly.
  • WILG Officers & Staff meet weekly to discuss current events and determine WILG’s course of action and ensure viability of members’ practices and WILG.
  • WILG is providing research for members, coalition partners, media on COVID & Comp.
  • Issued statements on COVID presumption, George Floyd and submitted a letter to congress on behalf of the postal workers.
  • WILG is hosting webinars:
    • How to handle COVID-19 Part I & II: as an employer, how to continue to run your practice, what to do if a worker is injured by COVID -19
    • Effective ways to work from home
    • How to pivot your practice so intake does not decrease
    • PPP Loans
    • Four-part mental health series with Transformations
    • How to effectively use technology during the COVID-19 crisis
    • Human resource issues in the time of COVID
    • Other CLE topics including ethics, veterans, Hi-Tech
    • Joint SeminarWebs with WorkCompCentral & NATLE
    • Work from Home Injuries
  • Zoom roundtables and social hours for all members and partners.
  • WILG worked with SBA Loans to provide low interest loans and bridge loans quickly for its members.
  • WILG acted as a facilitator during the PPP loan process. All loans by members were approved.
  • WILG is working with another partner to provide loans that are less restrictive.
  • Working with Ametros to create a service to streamline client communication in order to provide effective client support and allow attorneys to communicate easily with all clients simultaneously.
  • WILG and Ametros collaborated to provide no fee, online banking for attorneys and clients to allow for direct deposit of funds for clients.
  • WILG is also exploring options with Ametros and a telemedicine company to assist in clients getting the healthcare and appointments they need. Currently allowed in physician choice states. Working to get it covered in the other states.
  • Also working with Ametros and Transformations to provide one on one mental health services for members.
  • Worked with Xcelable and One Call to provide nationwide, covered, virtual physical therapy for clients.
  • Surveyed members to determine their greatest stress points to ensure we are meeting their needs.
  • Created an affinity partner listserv.
  • Weekly affinity partner spotlights via email and social media.
  • Worked with partners to create products and services to assist members.
  • Partner SeminarWebs.
  • Partners are creating a theme for quarterly communications.
  • Sent out and posted a bulletin on how each partner can uniquely assist members directly during COVID.
  • Partner & staff meetings to garner ideas and ensure their needs are being met.
  • Live streaming of the convention will be an option for members this year. Ready to pivot to online convention if need be.
  • Working on Longshore procedural issues and FECA legislative issues.
  • Staff is participating in NATLE meetings and conventions to stay up to date with information and strategies during the time of COVID-19.
  • Worked with Cobbs Allen to offer members, their staff, their clients and friends and family with various lines of insurance products that are not employer sponsored. This allows all of the above to get insurance affordably and carry it with them during these uncertain times.
  • Workers’ First Watch COVID and mental health themed.
  • Taking the convention virtual.
  • As always, the listserv is the MVP allowing amazing attorneys to share information and support each other.
  • We are all in this together and there is strength in working together as a community and supporting each other. We have professional staff and a research director in addition to leadership to assist members, affinity partners, coalition partners and the media at any time.


WILG ADVOCATE partners ARE HERE TO HELP you during this crisis



Summit Pharmacy will remain open for our normal business operations and will continue to serve the pharmaceutical needs of your clients.  By shipping medications at no expense to your clients' doorsteps, we are helping to minimize their risk of exposure out in the marketplace.  

Not only will we continue to abide by the stringent standard operating procedures that have been in place at our pharmacy for years, we have also implemented new “COVID‐19 Procedures” to ensure safe, timely delivery of your clients' medically necessary, provider‐ordered medical care.  We are dedicated and working to secure the necessary inventory of needed medications in advance if possible, to ensure minimal interruption to our patients’ prescription fills. 

We want to ensure the continued safe delivery of care that you and your clients have come to expect and receive from Summit Pharmacy.    It will remain our top priority to address patient needs.  We will continue to communicate and provide updates to help you navigate through this time and know that by working together we will get through this.    

Please feel free to reach out to us at 877‐678‐5400 with any questions or concerns.  You can also email us at:   

Joel Morton DO
Medical Director, Summit Pharmacy

Now offering CareGuard Telehealth. Click here for more information.

We understand your clients may have questions as to how to safely and securely continue to receive their money, including indemnity payments, during this challenging time.

We wanted to make you aware that Ametros offers free checking and savings accounts that can be especially useful at these times.  The accounts are free to setup online and it only takes a few minutes so that Ametros Banking can allow your client quick and secure access to funds.

  • Securely and quickly get your clients their funds. Accounts can be established at any time and for any purpose; indemnity checks, settlement funds, everyday banking.
  • With their online banking tool, your client is able to access their money without ever leaving their home
  • A debit card is provided for purchases, and online bill-pay is available in the banking application
  • With direct deposit, you are able to get the money to your client faster, without the individual visiting your office - members with direct deposit are eligible to receive their funds up to two days early
  • If your client prefers receiving checks by mail, they are able to utilize the online banking application to make virtual deposits

Ametros Banking offers interest-bearing checking and savings accounts with no set-up, maintenance or ATM fees. Ametros Banking specialists are available to help with Enrollment and will guide your clients through the process. Enrolling takes less than 10 minutes and members receive their debit card within 5-7 business days.  By the way, the accounts can be setup for any individual so, in addition to clients, they may be useful for attorneys and your employees.

To learn more about Ametros Banking, please contact Mara Burns at 617-830-1059, or visit

Ringler is a family and we deeply care about our colleagues, clients, strategic partners and their families. We continue to follow developments on the coronavirus (COVID-19) as it impacts our communities and businesses. We are taking appropriate actions to comply with Federal and State guidelines, and we continue to ensure that we can serve our clients.

To assist you in your business continuation plans, we’d like to remind you of a variety of services we are offer remotely:

• Remote training sessions for your teams to brush up on structured settlement basics

• Remote training sessions for CE and CLE credits

• Remote file review to assist in file resolution

• Continued support for all cases coming in and in the queue

No matter the level and duration of disruption, Ringler is here to continue serving your structured settlement needs. We are committed to you as your business partner and should you need any assistance, please contact us directly and we will make sure you receive the continued level of service you have come to expect from Ringler.

Medical and Subrogation Specialists is a nationwide provider of Lien Resolution and Future Medical Allocations, including Medicare Set-Asides. Our expert team of attorneys and analysts are dedicated to saving you time and money. We’re here to help, whether we are reducing health care liens to put more money in plaintiffs’ pockets or producing medical cost projections to establish values for settlement negotiation. Developed with attorneys who understand the day-to-day workplace challenges, we communicate with our clients based upon the principles of competence, confidence and understanding. Our expertise has allowed hundreds of firms to feel confident with MASSIVE managing their files, and our Live Data Portal provides you with 24/7 access to your case information. The MASSIVE team is available to answer any questions you have regarding our Lien Resolution and Medical Cost Projection services. Please visit, email us at or feel free to contact us anytime at 833-466-2774 to discuss your case needs. We look forward to connecting with you!

1 - With more and more Consumers staying at home, the internet is becoming the most important resource for plaintiffs.  Each Law Firm’s website must be compassionate, full of relevant content and on Page 1 of Google; integration with Enjuris accelerates the process.  Example -

2 – Because all our employees work from home offices, we are still working at 100% productivity.  In support of our Enjuris WILG Partners we are working at a 150% rate of contracted hours.   

3 – We are working with each Enjuris Partner to implement all of the necessary website and technical tools to support a more remote, disconnected work environment.  This includes:  1) Virtual office implementation & support, 2) Enhanced website security services, and 3) Implementation of enhanced web-based communication (see examples below):  (WILG’s Tom Holder, Ben Gerber)  (Atlanta PI Law Firm)  (Florida PI Law Firm)

A close up of a signDescription automatically generatedCPT Institute is a 501(c)(3) charity focused on helping your firm protect the injured and at-risk.  Any settlement over $2,000 may cause an individual to lose their health insurance (Medicaid) and/ or income (Supplemental Security Income).  Further complicating the issue, a Medicare-Set-Aside (MSA) account is a countable asset for Medicaid eligibility.  In other words, if you set up an MSA for a client that is structured for years into the future, it is baring his/her future eligibility for Medicaid for the duration of the structure or until the MSA is spent below $2,000. This matters most to those who require caregiving services in their home or a skilled facility which can be paid for by Medicaid. Please contact our charity for a 15-minute one-on-one workshop and/or firm trainings focused on filling this blindspot for your practice. 

Here are some of our other program advantages

  • Free workshops, training, and resources on protecting the injured and at-risk.
  • Free phone consults, to determine if a settlement will impact your client’s benefits 
  • No delay in settlement, trust set-up before or after settlement in 30 minutes*
  • No minimum funding, Structures & MSA’s welcome
  • No annual administration fees for MSA’s
  • Low and transparent fees with price matching, we do not have hidden fees
  • Android & iOS apps, and online portal, for increased accessibility

*Trust must be set-up in advance when funds are being structured.

While you’re maintaining 6 feet of physical distance, Filevine can keep you closer than ever to your cases, your team, and your clients. Filevine is a cloud-based legal operating core. That means all your files, assignments, reports, deadlines, time tracking, and collaboration tools are instantly available from your home office. No need to use a VPN or connect to a remote server — just log in from any device and get to work.

Filevine’s advanced reporting tools will help you manage your practice through economic turmoil. Other Filevine tools allow you to text clients directly from their case files, edit documents in place, and even send and receive faxes.

We’ve also created a virtual space where legal professionals can help each other weather this storm. Join our LegalWFH community on Slack to ask your colleagues pressing questions or share your solutions.

Tabush Group is centered on enabling lawyers to work remotely and securely.  Our cloud solution, Boxtop, provides true mobility and   remote access with full security.  Boxtop resolves IT issues, including security, remote access, backup, and business continuity.  We move all of your IT to the Boxtop cloud, making your applications, files, and desktops secure and accessible to you from anywhere.  As the coronavirus pandemic took hold, our Boxtop clients easily and seamlessly transitioned to a remote work environment.

We realize that a move to the cloud requires a bit more time and resources than you may have right now, so in the meantime, Tabush Group is happy to share our expertise and experiences.  We can answer your tech questions regarding anything IT, remote access, security, apps, and more, such as leadership through a crisis and maintaining firm culture even when all employees are remote.

WorkCompCentral strives to keep you up to date as with information as we learn more about COVID-19. Being the leader in online news and education for the workers’ compensation industry, we strive to keep you informed. We have published various news articles since we have been closely monitoring the developments nationwide. Below are a few of our top stories: 


As we continue to monitor the coronavirus pandemic, we at The TASA Group are making sure we are following the necessary precautions with our staff, clients and experts. We will continue working remotely until further notice, and as such, are available for all your expert witness search needs and expert reports. If you are looking to get your mind off of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be hosting a webinar on March 31 at 2pm on Wrong Site (Organ) Surgery - Who Is To Blame. Also, feel free to save some money on us. Use promo code:WILG20 and receive $175 off of our admin fee. Share with colleagues! Feel free to email us (, call us (800-523-2319) or visit our website (


 With many changes in programs for SBA loans during this time, you cannot afford to not have your facts straight and your business protected. Call SBA Loan Group's partner, Jarret Prussin, to find out if this opportunity is an option for your practice. Call him now at 860-431-2568Or, click here to complete this simple form.  



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